Contemporary art call: “Finding new territories for fire based arts”

“Finding new territories for fire based arts”

  Contemporary art call

This invitation is aimed at artists, work groups, theorists, hackers, musicians, technicians, investigators, etc. Who are looking beyond their own practice, to evolve into new and diverse horizons, with the entry of a unique native piece/prototype.

This exhibition fuses ceramics, science and technology in the hopes of proposing a dialogue through a radical socialization with spaces (universes) that are closer every day.

This project as a means of contemporary arts practice, sets a clear goal. This is to navigate the spaces where the different works were created in order to see, understand and co create with the local and global community.


We intend to incorporate new proposals and situations for each fusion, creating dialogue between modern and contemporary. In order to develop an analysis process that takes into account the fusion between the existing works and new proposals or new editions of the regional project “Laberintos Borgeanos” Media Lab Artes del fuego (Borges Labyrinths, Fire arts Media Lab) onlooking the final goal of enriching the narratives “situaciones a modo de archivos” (situations that are made like archives) during the 2016 tour. Being 2016 the year that marks 30 years passing of the philosopher and universal poet  Jorge Luis Borges, which is being commemorated with different events around the world.

Upcoming events:

  • Brazil June 2016.
    • Espacio de artes Galería-Estudio Rosana Bortolin
    •  Universidad Nacional de Florianópolis (National Florianópolis University)

he following sites are being managed to be host to the exhibition later this year.

  • Argentina (Dates to be selected)
    • Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo del Foro Tecnológico de Argentina (Contemporary art space in the Technological Forum of Argentina) Edificio Cassará: Av. de Mayo 1190 Caba.
  • Ecuador (dates to be selected)
    • Centro de arte contemporaneo Quito (Contemporary Arts Center)
  • Argentina, Mendoza
    • Mendoza University arts gallery
  • Brasil, Sao Paulo
  • Colombia, Bogota
    • Contemporary arts center

The regional transit of the exhibition works as a real time artistic production lab, being constantly changed and going through multiple transformations with the narratives and proposals of the natives of the region and enriching the production in its transition.

Encounters in diverse situations (exhibition under construction, educative actions and questioning that is generated during the process of shared artwork and the including of new formating in artworks/prototypes) are open to the local community which promote and stimulate intergenerational participation on a simultaneous dialogue with a global/web structure  (through skype or streaming).  Labs are there to explore the collaborative performance as an artistic act and social implication in a local and global webbing.

New posibilities emerge for native prototipes or mother pieces. Using diverse ways of thinking and looking at the productions made through fire arts. The new system expects to stimulate co-creation and collaborative creation through multidiciplinary teams and in some experiencies transiting digital activism or taking the web like a new medium in which the practice of ceramic arts can evolve.

Any piece/prototype that wants to be included in the tour of the project “laberintos borgeanos” Media Lab Artes del Fuego, must take into account these requierements;

  1. Theme: “labyrinths” which is inspired by the universal works of Jorje Luis Borges
  2. Material (ceramics, glass or metal) or stemed from a ceramic thought (theorical or virtual) or from a ceramic action (performance, experimental theatre, cinema, web actin, etc.)
  3. Format: it must invite the viewer to interact with or participate as co-creator of the production.
  4. Link: the mother (main) work/prototype must generate an intersection with multimedia, electronic arts, artificial intelligence or at least kinesthetic arts.

Proposals turned in that fill all the requirements will be added to the 26 works/prototypes that were exhibited in 2015 in Argentina, Casa museo Borges (July -September)

and Brazil (october)

There is no set deadline on proposal receptions, any new proposals will be included during the tours wherever the project is currently in exhibition. The participation of a native/prototype in the project Proyecto regional “LABERINTOS BORGEANOS” Media Lab Artes del Fuego is completely free for the participant/group and has no fee for the use of space in the different places it will be exhibited.

Participants must be able to take care of the shipping of their piece/prototype to the place previously agreed with the project manager.

For any new information please contact the project manager:

After this letter we provide pictures from the works that are already participating in the showcase that toured during 2015.

Projects webpage  “Laberintos Borgeanos” Media Lab Artes del Fuego:

Facebook group “Laberintos Borgeanos”, Media Lab Artes del Fuego:

About the project:

“Laberintos Borgeanos, cerámica interactiva y multimedial”

This is a regional project that grows through an associative system allowing transmedia dialogue between the fire arts, literature and new media.

It is the individual as an artisan themselves that vislumbres and appropriates of supports and media to live the process of constant creation, its own collective, and experiential production.

Through these focuses we invite artists and collectives to work their proposals without any limits between other fields of study taking ceramics as a link between other technologies.

This showcase is thought to provoke dialogue between the project and the visitors. Interaction is the main motive of this meeting where anyone can come and use their senses and provoke actions-reactions and reflections on the works. It is mainly a lab space which operates as a part of the process that tries to create new territory for the growth of all the proposals in the next editions of the exhibition.

You are welcome to involve yourself in the experience!

About the  project:



Proyecto "Laberintos Borgeanos" cerámica participativa y multimedial.

11222817_10153784643148268_1035468834748350742_o (1)

Maria Kodama interactuando con las Obras.

Invitación Expo en la BCBA

Un honor contar con el madrimazgo de  Maria Kodama  en el Proyecto Regional “Laberintos Borgeanos”MediaLab Artes del FuegoProyecto Regional “Laberintos Borgeanos”MediaLab Artes del FuegoProyecto Regional “Laberintos Borgeanos”MediaLab Artes del Fuego


11903769_1566086827040259_1537118642454899685_n (1)

“MediaLab Cerámica sonora” Edición Sonar +D

“MediaLab Cerámica sonora” Edición Sonar +D


Los artistas participantes de la primera edición del proyecto regional  “Laberintos Borgeanos” y quienes actualmente se encuentran exponiendo sus propuestas  son:

Jorge Bangueses//Silvia Barrios//María Amalia Beltran//Marga Court//Nicolás Diab//Ana María Divito//Mario Alberto Perrone//Carlota Petrolini//Pablo Schapira//Beatriz Sobuá.

Colectivo de artistas UNA Multimediales “TAKO” de Argentina: Fabian Sguiglia, Silvia Barrios, Emiliano Braña, Ximena Maria,  Santiago Terigi, Melu Franco.//Colectivo de artistas Electrónica para el arte, UNA – ATAM de Argentina: Juan Carlos Ramayo, Silvia Barrios, Emiliano Braña, Lilián Cabeza//Colectivo de artistas de Floreanopolis, Brasil, COM.BARRO”: Eneida Soares Macedo, Hermengarda Gurgel Anatócles, Ilca Barcellos , Luciane Garcez, Marina Uieara, Rosane Gonçalves, RosângelaGoretti Lange Rosa, Rosana Bortolin, Sara Ramos, Viviane Diehl.//Colectivo de artistas de Portugal, Lisboa, “CUBO”: Alice Diniz, Jorge Teles, André Moraes y José Castelo Branco//Colectivo de artistas de Córdoba Argentina: Guiomar Barbeito y  Aylén Bartolino Luna//Colectivo de artistas de Vitoria, Brasil, “ANVERSO/REVERSO”: Mariana Barroso, Penha Schirmer y Teresa Drago

Imágenes de obras de los artistas o colectivos de artistas participantes:

Prototipo/obras madres  del Proyecto Regional, “Laberintos Borgeanos” Media Lab Artes del Fuego.

Marga Court

“Elogio de la Sombra”
Alexandra Moshenek. Colaboración: Juan Cruz Tobar. Ecuador.
POA, Brasil 2015


Propuesta: “Golem”
Colectivo: “TAKO” (UNA-ATAM)
Integrantes: Silvia Barrios, Emiliano Braña, Melu Franco, Ximena MariaXime Paludi, Fabian Sguiglia, Santiago Terigi.
Colectivo “Tako”
2da. P

“El hombre y su Laberinto”
Ana María Ana Maria Divito, Argentina.

Laberinto reciproco “Yo Soy” Jorge Bangueses propuesta participativo. Un paisaje sonoro que genera cierta tensión para el visitante, una suerte de lo natural, lo visible y lo sensorial. La propuesta toma a la escultura cerámica en vínculo con herramientas tecnológicas (sensores) que activan, una otra voz, adentrando en la poesía de Jorge Luis Borges y un laberinto en el tiempo. Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2015


resentación: Silvia Barrios/Martin Casco/Ximena Paludi/Fabian Sguiglia
POA, Brasil 2015


Sin título m


Propuesta: “El camino que habrás de desandar”
Colectivo de MINAS GERAIS, BELO HORIZONTE “Manacá da Serra: coletivo Mutabilis”
Integrantes: Betânia Silveira, Davi Gardoni, Flávia Jaqueira, Laila kierulff – Cerâmica, Lorena D`Ard, Nara Rangel, Thais Brasileiro.
POA, Brasil 2015

silvia barrios


Propuesta: “Los pasos te llevan siempre hacia una salida.”
Carlota Petrolini, Argentina.
POA, Brasil – 2015

“Hilo como sangre, sangre como hilo”
Natalí Elizabeth Perino. Argentina.
POA 2015

Borgues 2.0

Propuesta: “
Colectivo: “LáyCÁ”
Portugal: Alice Diniz/Brasil: Adma Andressa Corá, Cinthia Sfoggia, Brenda Duda, Kira Luá, Marcos Fragoso
POA, Brasil 2015

Portugal m

Responsable e investigación: Silvia Barrios

Propuesta: “Topografía Sonora” (Prototipo)
Colectivo: “RICHTER” (UNQ)
Integrantes: Silvia Barrios, Jimena Califa, Fernando Daguanno, Horacio Diez, Fabián Sguiglia.

Propuesta: “Laberinto sonoro”
Colectivo: “MAINERO MONK”
Integrantes: Norma Mainero y Norman Monk.


Prototipo I   de cerámica sonora

Silvia Barrios (Argentina) Brenda Basan (Bolivia)

1 (2)

Prototipo II   de cerámica sonora

Silvia Barrios (Argentina) Brenda Basan (Bolivia)

Sin título


“Cara a Cara, Labirinto de Emoções”
Carolina Kawall, Sao Paulo, Brasil
POA, Brasil 2015

“Anverso… Reverso”
Colectivo Vitória
Equipo de estudio experimental:
Marina Barroso, Penha Schirmer, Teresa Drago



Colectivo Tako
Equipo de estudio experimental UNA:
Silvia Barrios/Emiliano Braña/ Melina Franco/ Ximena María Paludi/Fabián Sguiglia/ Santiago Terigi
Proyecto interactivo y multimedial
“work in progress

“Performance/Vivencia, SENTIDOS NO LABIRINTO”.

Colectivo LÁyCÁ
Integrantes: Alice Diniz/Adma Cora/Cinthia Sfoggia/Brenda Duda/Kira Luá/Marcos Fragoso

Alberto Perrone

Marga Court.
POA, Brasil 2015


“Laberintos ribozomáticos”
María Amalia Beltran, Argentina.
POA, Brasil 2015

Prototipo/instrumento en cerámica sonara. “MediaLab Cerámica” Hackaton “Sonar + D” presentación en La Usina del Arte Un laboratorio de cerámica sonora que aborda los cruces con la programación y electrónica y a modo de producir otras variantes y estéticas para las producciones contemporáneas. proyecto intergeneracional, de código abierto. Grupo de estudio: Silvia Barrios de Argentina Brenda Bazán de Bolivia

“El buzo”
Elena Somonte. México.
Brasil, POA 2015

“Reflejos Borgeanos”
Pablo Schapira, Argentina.
POA, Brasil 2015

Colectivo: “Encuentro”
Integrantes: Salma Belen Cottet, Lisandro Cottet, Maria Sobeida Carola Faiad.
POA, Brasil 2015

“Hilo como sangre, sangre como hilo”
Natalí Elizabeth Perino. Argentina.
POA 2015

Colectivo “Tako”
2da. Presentación: Silvia Barrios/Martin Casco/Ximena Paludi/Fabian Sguiglia
POA, Brasil 2015




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